Package Manager Overview

Most modern Unix and Linux distributions have a way to install software. Typically, if you wanted to install software, you would have to download the source code and compile it. When you use a Package Manager, typically you get a pre-compiled binary. This saves you time and effort when installing software. If you want to…

Download Debian Linux

Ubuntu is a modern Debian distribution. You can download Debian Linux for free. Download Debian You can visit the Debian download page here: or simply click your architecture below. Intel/AMD x86_64 ARM Intel/AMD x86 MIPS MIPS64 PPC64 IBM/s390


Download Ubuntu Linux

Ubuntu is a modern Linux distribution. You can download Ubuntu Linux for free. However, if you run a business, there is support and maintenance available for a fee. Download Ubuntu Server The links below take you to the appropriate download page on the Ubuntu website. Intel/AMD x86_64 ARM IBM Power IBM Z Download Ubuntu Desktop…